HOMESAFE SECURE systems have been put to the test to pass all Australian standards. These tests are designed to simulate an intense attack using force to gain entry through your security screen door

 Passed Dynamic Impact Test
• Passed Jemmy Test
• Passed Shear Test
• Passed Knife Test
• Rust Proof!!!!

You will no longer need to look thru bars or similar obstructions that spoil your view. Take advantage our superior mesh protection and enjoy the strongest in security screens. The anti corrosive mesh is provided with a UV protected coating using advanced coating processes to ensure clear, long lasting look.


The standard screen option in our range is the HOMESAFE JARRET, the steel mesh is galvanised and then finished in a satin black coating.

This mesh offers the maximum strength and is the most practical solution for our inland conditions.

In most cases this would be our recommendation for non
grille or cast insert doors and screens


Finding the right balance between appearance and performance is not always easy. Homesafe Security Doors wide range of designs and proven quality ensure security requirements for any home can be met.

All products are custom made to enhance the design of your home.

All Grilles have a 7mm strand thickness and meet the requirements of the Australian Security Door Standard AS5039. To obtain maximum benefit from a Homesafe Security Doors Security Grilles all doors made incorporating these grilles are also manufactured to comply with AS5039 and installed to comply with AS5040.

All Diamond Grille Doors are available with the option of Hinged or Sliding doors and are available with a number of different screenings, ideal if added privacy is required. One Way Aluminium Mesh allows you to see out through your door at the same time as reducing the visibility into your house from the outside.


Add a touch of class with our Custom Glass barrier screen door. An elegant
showpiece addition to your home whilst providing an excellent barrier
between you and any unwanted guests. Available in a wide range of
designs to suit the decor of your home.

What is Custom glass?
Custom Glass is a glass that has been toughened to be used in our range of

Do you want a screen door that enhances your home?
A custom glass door on your home is an attractive addition to the entrance and looks equally
attractive whether you are viewing from indoors or out.

Colour & Style to Suit
There is an extensive range of styles and colours available to complement your home and individuality